Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some Useful Shortcuts

Here are some shortcuts that I have found useful.

  • We can refresh or reload any webpage by pressing F5 key.
  • We can directly move to address bar by pressing Alt+D .
  • By pressing Ctrl +Enter after writing something on address bar, www is added in starting and .com in the end and Enter is automatically pressed.
  • While working on Notepad we can insert current date and time by pressing F5 key.
  • When we have multiple tabs open, we can close the current tab by pressing Ctrl+F4. Similarly while working on multiple documents in Word we can close the current document by pressing Ctrl+F4..
  • We can open Windows Explorer or My Computer by pressing Windows+E.
  • In many applications we can undo our previous work by Ctrl+Z.
  • We can increase or decrease the size of any webpage (both text and images) using Ctrl + <+ key> Ctrl + <-key>. We can get back to the original size using Ctrl+0.