Sunday, September 25, 2011

Easily confused Wiki terms

Almost all the people on web are familiar with wikipidea. When I started working I was very much confused about the terms Wiki, Wikia, Media Wiki and how are they related to Wikipidea. So here is what I have learnt about these terms-
  • If the pages of any site can easily be edited in Browser itself, then such type of site is known as Wiki. In other terms anyone on the web can easily change or edit the contents of Wiki. There are many popular Wiki on the internet like Wikipidea, Kavitakosh, Bharatkosh etc.

  • The software used by Wiki sites is called Wiki Software. MediaWiki is an example of Wiki Software. Wikipidea is based on MediaWiki.

  • Wikia is a company that provides free hosting for your own Wiki site. Just create an account on Wikia and you can create your own Wiki through them for free.
I hope that now the differences between Wiki, Wikipedia, Wikia and MediaWiki must have become clear to my readers and there must be no confusion left.

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